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2nd International Art Collective - Comiso

Participation in the 2nd International Art Collective in Comiso in the Aragonese Castle
from 19 to 26 October 2019

The colors of the artists in Comiso for legality and a better world

Tribute to Salvatore Fiume

Locandina Comiso


Opere Comiso2019

Awarded the prize "Grand Prix Salvatore Fiume"
with the following motivation:

"The rigorous degree of artistic research significantly aimed at the new,
so much so as to signify him as a brilliant artist. His work made of traces and colors,
they have opened the boundaries of artistic disciplines towards the dynamism of our time. ".

Attestato Comiso2019


Some images of the inauguration


  • Borsetta
  • Guccione1
  • Guccione2
  • Guccione_Sindaco
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso2019
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20191
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20192
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20193
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20194
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20195
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20196
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20197
  • Inaugurazione_Comiso20198
  • Opere_in_esposizione
  • Opere_in_esposizione1
  • Opere_in_esposizione2
  • Opere_in_esposizione3
  • Opere_in_esposizione4
  • Premiazione
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  • Pubblico
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