A thought dedicated to artists

Gessetti colorati

"Art can be: a hobby, a job, an interest, a way to communicate, a source of life, a curse, a blessing, etc. Can be everything .. the artist is someone who produces art and if it is universally recognized, it is. If few recognize it, at that moment in history, it is not. It is not always the company recognizes a work as art, often "pseudo" experts in the field unprepared enchant us, money replaces good faith, cela ignorance and cunning (this happens even among critics and curators more established), try to figure out why the guy sells you and no, you will find the error. So, do art, go to museums, exhibitions, make the comparison with the works historical and your works, try to understand why this artist that has worked well in that particular period of history, practice to lose no time, the works saturated with meaning, content ... read the techniques of others and yourself apart, be recognizable, rejoice and suffer in producing, let the stupid envy and resentment, spend on yourself, your emotions narrated and grow in them "

I.Vigna 2015


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