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Private collection (Piemonte-Italy)

Donated to the National Sailing Association of Italy Carmagnola (TO) Group for the Comac 

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  • Technique: abstract painting in mixed technique, acrylics and acrylic mortars strokes on canvas, with inserts.
  • Dimensions: 50x70
  • Year: 2016
Visioni  Opposte/Opposite visions

Visioni Opposte/Opposite visions

Private collection (California-USA)

sold out

  • Technique: abstract painting in mixed media, acrylic on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 100x70
  • Year: 2015


silvana treu




Private collection

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  • Technique: abstract painting in mixed media acrylic on canvas and acrylic mortars
  • Dimensions: 70x50
  • Year: 2015


A work in mixed media that is truly unique in its peculiar features his name.
As you see, it is not just a picture, but a real sculpture combined with painting. Two "flaps of skin" applied to the canvas under which you can see the rough texture. All in a context of colors that infuse cast precisely the vibrations to the viewer.

  • Technique: Mixed media, with applications in raw clay and other materials.
  • Dimensions: 30x30
  • Year: 2014

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