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Silvana Mellacina born in Tripoli (Libya) emigrated to Italy as a young girl coming to Siena and then moved to Veneto. He lives in Polesella (Rovigo). Among the 90 -'99 participates in papier mache courses held by Gianna Bunch in the city of Rovigo. All his artistic production and mainly the color characteristics derive from the influence of his place of origin, Libya. Africa becomes the aesthetic inspiration for Silvana Mellacina earth.
Is a versatile artist his creations, which are works of art painted, decorative accessories from the original design or sculptures made by different materials, are the result of a journey in search of a profound interiority.
The paintings are pervaded by intense colors, they become a primary source of energy, are works that present a sophisticated vitality in the principles of multiculturalism, which collects experiences and concepts of wisdom. The artist is a manipulator of different materials through a fervent creativity of continuous ideas develops an artistic genre based on the combination of iridescent colors, lines and geometric shapes by cubist-abstract-informal calls, inserts of numbers and words make up the work in a balanced and are juxtaposed with sketches of faces or figures. Several works completely deny the reality, draw inner concepts that are based on a pure abstraction of colors surrounded by the brightness of a white color and the eccentric shades. All his works are signed with the initials "SM".
Silvana Mellacina artist's multifaceted research through pictorial art and the poetic art its primary essence, a free spirit who is lulled by a nicely arranged rich creative imagination enclosing vicissitudes of an imminent everyday.
Painter, sculptor and also a poet, her poems are a source of wisdom, of reflections and questions that lead the artist to constantly wonder about the human oddities.
His works conquered the world of contemporary art, many critics appreciate his work, gallery owners and industry experts exhibiting his works in exhibitions and national and international exhibitions where they won awards, reports and relevant publications.

"My artistic career is expressed to date with experimentation and the subsequent manipulation of materials poles, where I get an inner gratification and I use to create my paintings.
... All I'm trying to create, I do it just to satisfy my desire to express myself incurable. And of course I propose it to your discretion. "
Silvana Mellacina -

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