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In the beautiful

Civic Gallery of Modern Art "Giuseppe Sciortino" Monreale

my work on display 2 to 10 April 2016


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"For his strong artistic personality
and for their valuable expressive commitment.
A strong and decisive lyricism, which gives the
user intense and authentic sensations
emotional transport. A production of rare
Beauty, which means that cultural validity
of his works is recognized in
contemporary art. "

Sandro Serradifalco

Chairman of the Committee Scentifico

Some pictures of the exhibition

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  • Giuria
  • Ingresso_pubblico
  • Ingressop
  • Manifesto
  • Parte_giuria
  • Tabellone_Partecipanti
  • Una_Sala1
  • Una_sala
  • buffet
  • inaugurazione
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  • mio_Syncro
  • parte_giuria1
  • pubblico
  • pubblico1
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