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Critical Review by Dr. Giorgio Falossi - "Il Quadrato", on the occasion of my inclusion in the volume "Painters & Sculptors"

Copertina Volume Pittoriscultori Quadrato Ridotta

An extravaganza, a fantasy for this eclectic artist who applies colors and motifs, reflections and history not only on canvas but also on objects for refined environments. This means using different techniques and materials and you mean, as in the case of published works: Collage. The pleasure and the skill lies in the choice of materials by using them in terms of colors, written in interpreting suggestions, myths, thoughts and words. Photographs and messages that Silvana Mellacina rethinks, paints, shapes, revives with great expressive power from a psychologist as well as an artist, for her to emphasize her lips and mouths in the explosion of screaming or singing, so that the figure is extremist in his reputation. The artist combines the idea with fantasy, taste material, in an incessant osmosis process. And that could be so for Silvana Mellacina, interested in advancing the times where technological achievements are nourished necessarily and thankfully for Renaissance humanism and symbolic surrealism, a concept that brings the door from collage to abstract and to various expressions for sculpture and ceramics. An abstract painting on the pop art scene that feeds on black with red reflections of icy whites, adorned with discovery material and incisive writing. A painting conquered with research and with a mood of continuous impetus and vitality.

Dr. Giorgio Falossi




A great appreciation by Dr Anna Soricaro, director of the Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation in Barletta

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Anna Soricaro


Dear Silvana,

I've been able to see some of her work on the internet, study her site, and appreciate her research. I allow myself to write them to compliment me for the verve I have read in all her conceptual production so different from the usual, so original. I have seen in her gentle touches and more determined gestures, I perceived a never-equal art that dictated, probably, from the events that happen. In her there is freedom, all her work I have the feeling she enjoys so much naturalness, the same with which she has come to the world, as is well known in 'beyond the blue', 'encounters',' light and dark ',' cosmic sand 'and so much more. The polyhedral of his art makes him a great artist, being able to use matter, spatula, brush and make use of different shades make his art different from the 'already seen'

Anna Soricaro Director of the "Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation" in Barletta (Italy)




Critical Review by Sandro Serradifalco for Arte Milano

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The art of Silvana Mellacina

In the works of Silvana Mellacina, absolute stars are the sign and the color, elements whose harmonious and balanced relationship, regulates the emotional and interpretative intensity of the work. The artist's unique interior allows him to examine and investigate introspective environments that relate to the emotional sphere of man and his existence in the world, and for this survey he uses tools of great expressive power such as colors and brushes. The idea of ​​man is represented in his works through soft and sometimes evanescent figures, read that inhabit the canvas with great segregation and dancing with color creating intense and dynamic tonal dynamism. The particular geometries that make up his works also outline the perceptive and interpretative aspect, stimulating the attendant in seeking the best and most faithful reading key; Become the main reason behind the artist's style and give a harmonious and balanced look to his work. His works establish a real contact with the observer, an empathic relationship based on the free expression of feelings, emotional reactions, and thoughts. There is only one painting lacking expressive and symbolic chromaticities, there is no work that is unable to transmit vibrations

Sandro Serradifalco



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SilvanaSilvana Mellacina realizes works of art where the color acquires an important role, a coloring material as is well highlighted the physical thickness of the material chosen realized through the use of acrylic or mortars. Before reaching this abstract painting the artist in his work evokes the human being through sinuous, elegant, figures from always hidden faces surrounded by intense color backgrounds, gradient, from the dazzling brightness.
Silvana Mellacina today realizes a painting a bearer of meaning, expressive and representative effects, art which determines a communication through the organization of geometric shapes arranged on the canvas in a careful and balanced.
geometric shapes but also images that are born from the artist's imagination, applications of words, numbers or cards become special decoration work through sharp lines surrounded by color backgrounds by informal characteristics for the lack of forms. starry skies, otherworldly universes and worlds invade Mellacina works by the artist.
Silvana Mellacina possesses an expressive power of emotional tension charging which is manifested through the textural tracked balances that can be read as a psychological expression of a love for life. The rich life of its social complications is interpreted by the artist through the combination of different forms of expression that combine sensory and inner experiences with the technological dimension and characteristics of nature. A well-studied expressive language that welcomes basic and pure colors, traits regulated according to precise patterns and geometric shapes that divide the canvas creating different environments. The background work is replete with a coloring that gives lightness to the work, the forms contain accurate colors that become question marks for the observer. The art of Silvana Mellacina invites reflection and simultaneously to light, visible design calls primarily in items of furniture that achieves.
His works interact with the space, there is a discussion on surface features and the media that the artist chooses carefully; acrylic, acrylic mortars, papier mache and more are in the works of Mellacina that careful Explorer implements a trial on the paint layer generating thin veins and material thicknesses. The artist's works reveal an energetic creativity where the combination of form and color language become construction of ethical expressions.
Artist from the many artistic experiences that brings the charm of painting techniques by generating original pictorial compositions by means of his personal style and always changing. The works are full of bright and intense colors that highlight deep emotions and moods, have a poetic quality that the artist search through the combination of imaginary forms, liberating and remarkable creativity. Shapes, colors, lines, marks become the protagonists of his paintings, the same elements that used to make furniture shapes and sculptures embellished with a soft modeling by more figurative features.
Silvia Maione Morlotti, Italian Art Monograph Archive - March 2016


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The charm of the unreal in the paintings by Silvana Mellacina

The fascination of the abstract is pervaded by the beautiful paintings of artist Silvana Mellacina, where the moving and fantastic element in the emotional intensity of color combines real with imagination, poetry with the enigma, sense with reason. Thus, an authentic figurative narrative of dreamlike beauty is born, in which the visible world is recreated fantastically with unparalleled harmonies and finest sensations in the variety of ferments Inspirational, where the soft shades of color in the white light rafts embodies a dreamy abstract reality, between existential allusions and symbols, pursuing an ideal journey of thought into evocation of the Surreale thread, Mirò to Mondrian to progress in the essentiality of a Kandinsky art, in which the quasi - musical lyric rhythm emerges of free geometric shapes that evolve in fluidity and transparency in the graphic and chromatic fabric as a mirror reflection of vibration d ' The author's soul. Surprising in the paintings by artist Silvana Mellacina the high graphic and color synthesis that comes with immediate spontaneity to the visual effect in the symbolism of shapes and colors that evolve into a new spatial space filled with light with lyrical distances in the constant quest to recreate fantastically Matter, vehicle of meaning and values ​​of life. Here, then, in pure creativity the same basic support in its authentic paintings lives a symbolic metamorphosis, while appearing in material inserts that allude to existential symbols to live the mystery of life in an ideal dimension, in which time transcends space in the suggestion Global and emotional shapes, colors and moving lights. In this way, the pictorial representation becomes a metaphor of a space in which the artist's intervention coincides with the act Of creativity that is loaded with advertising images of today's society. That is why the free and natural gesture in the melting of soft brush strokes, between the solar yellow, the bright reds, the varied greens of vegetation, and the celestial blue in the black dialectics and in the immeasurability of the reflection, reveals the inner emotionality Revealing dream forces and abandoning the unconscious to enter into the marvelous Scenery of a surreal reality. Signs and colors, then, blend harmoniously and color the soul of infinite sensations that stem from the genius of the author who interprets the poetics of the imaginary. Beyond the same conceptualization of the image, it follows the extraordinary narrative of the artist Silvana Mellacina to show today's futuristic, oriented culture, always towards unprecedented forms of expression for a new concept of art. Here is the charm of the artist Silvana Mellacina's paintings: decantation of matter in symbolic transfiguration, progresses in coloristic alchemy in mild transparency and creates fantastic worlds in fascinating chromatic compositions that through the free gesture of the sign and of the color, evolves into a silent reflection of lyrical feelings in pure brightness.


Dott.ssa Carla D'Aquino Mineo





Africa corniceThe Art of Silvana Mellacina has experienced many changes of style and matter before undergoing the metamorphosis of current works. In abstract painting the essential forms are constructed through color and shapes that interact perfectly figure and denying reality. The Abstract of Maestra Mellacina has its seal of approval in the sense of the modern that is alive, and yelled button emotions, is a laboratory of ideas where all raw corresponds to a dynamic order and composed. It is not a reference to a specific location, but close to a dimension of freedom that comes out of his mind in the places of his childhood. It is never a precise view, a landscape or a city car and a cast celebratory, but rather the heat of a place, the white of the houses, the blue of the sea ... a style full of heady visions of his Libya. The geometries and material colorful propose alternating modules ordered and only apparently relies on the principle of 'randomness abstract' in this aesthetic of the little things. Even the color spots remind a route and ordered forms are entrusted to gloss acrylic metallic. We are facing an Africa revisited, exceptionally modern where the brilliant palette is the thread of memories. It is not just the color, but MATTER, they are made of the works, to recall the origins of the artist who does not want to paint figures, but the substance. The rough surface of the canvas tells the roughness of his land and the 'inevitable blue colors emotions as the white of the papier mache sculptures. Where seem to prevail cool shades are imposed rust that sublimate into a small fluffy crater fiery stones. The colors, however, are also within, Africa retains the respect of the nature of the sun and the wide expanses that make elastic body and mind. The artist deconstructs the landscape entrusting tones and worship for volumes sense of place by penetrating the essence of things by force of geometries buttons. The suffering of a private life relies on memories of a forced exodus that fed back into history, it still hurts in the sharing of many compatriots. The style of Silvana has a good rhythm that requires a script very robust to communicate its passions and contemporary man seems to remember that you must fight to earn the club and that we can be the authors of a collective life of which today we risk losing the 'identity. His creations are a way of life and experimentation, his latest effort is in the rediscovery of Pop Art, a contemporary redemption with an eye to the past, an aesthetic challenge of great visual impact. The reconstruction of the love for art is in goodbye to his city and in the search for shapes and colors among the labyrinths of memory. The ability of the artist is to know how to return to every abstract landscape and the sense of mystery in the works so evocative proves to have a look that accommodates the size and fragility of man together. Silvana is a keen singer of African land and the delicious texture of art is the knowledge that his creations are made of a noble material: the suggestion of remembrance.
Dr. Irene Gianello
curator and art critic
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Via dei Mille, 392


Silvana BNThe plurality of the contemporary art often makes it difficult to summarize the work of critics in the different currents. However modernity redeems even within the birth of abstract painting, an experience that denies the form and in which color and light up sign of leadership ... painting like never before.
This rich heritage born frameworks Silvana Mellacina making use of the same spirit subtractive, but also illuminate the canvas material and lively colors applied with different dynamics which contain the masses drag color vaporous, drippings and signs. Detached from a strictly didactic intent he painted for the need to satisfy a cheerful spirit and his works are happy conjunctions tonal cut very contemporary that accord well with modern furnishings and also suitable for a very young audience. The synthesis implementation by the artist is accompanied by color drops dragged often serves as a parenthesis of the works or fully takes hold of the canvas 'assaulting her' over the entire surface. The pictorial stroke and the idea of ​​composition are strongly humoral and subjective, sometimes influenced by the environmental situation in which the artist paints. The memory of the homeland remains in warm colors, in his white endlessly repeated and sometimes almost tribal contrasting hues, blue is the series of harmonic and recurring while in religious themes expresses the suffering of a Faith felt and lived .


Rovigo 10/06/2014
Irene Gianello (Art Critic)



MareggiataThe artistic training of Silvana Mellacina comes from courses "Papier" required to Rovigo by Gianna Mazzetto in the years 1990/1999. At a young age mature interest in this discipline, loves to play with the paper and devote himself to the creation of objects of fantasy. The place of origin greatly influences his artistic production and its chromatic inflections. In fact, Africa is the matrix of life and aesthetic inspiration. Tripoli is his hometown, the colors of this warm earth, the ancestral sense of nature, ethnic inflections of that culture back in the work of Silvana with reworking gentle, unforced, linked to the figure and the color contrasts in volume and in shades. He grew up in the suburbs, in the countryside and lets nature influences her feel, migrates in Italy as a girl and, after a short stay in Siena, arrives in Polesine. She loves this land for the sense of peace and nature that transmits, Po is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in reference to the water, in the immensity of the meanings that it contains and its intrinsic trip in constant flux. Equipped with a sensitive soul artist Silvana is transverse in giving value to the word, is a poet, participated in Trebbo Poetic in Ariano (Rovigo) 2000-2010 with dignity of publication. It defines a spirit shy, but the objects she created speak of anything temperament from the work of cardboard tied to a fantastic and playful animal world pervaded by bright colors and roundness, to furnishings of ethnic taste as the glasses "African "or dishes made with old family photos in the sweet intention to preserve the dearest affections.

Rovigo 02/05/2012
Irene Gianello



Xante BattagliaHave in the house a sculpture by Silvana Mellacina, is an act of art that fills the space, continuously communicates the contrary decorations that expire in a short time.
His works are not applied art but with the Philosophy of Art Superb Aesthetics of Function. In my view, the artist, the art scene is original. Unique in its style-genre. His columns, the dishes, pots and more are enriched with Abstract Shapes, plastic with Polimateria, by exciting colors and evocative: the houses thank the Mellacina.

Venice, 24/07/2012
Gallery Factory Museum "Xante Battaglia" Via Lorenteggio 238 / A (Milan)








Critical review of the works of the artist Silvana Mellacina

Brocure MasieroDearest Silvana
I always thought that art, as claimed by a dear friend essayist, Enzo Mandruzzato, who died recently, possesses the sense of an unveiling.
Perhaps "the inspiration is the realization of a secret development of thought and unknown"
You Silvana, with your works in papier mache with its soft, elegant and warm and cozy colors, you know tell.
Looking at many of your creations I feel a strange sensation; I seem to get in the sky of your childhood and find myself, with you, scents, colors, charms of the land of Africa where you were born.
And time becomes breath childhood magic of days away but still so alive in the heart ... Do you miss your childhood African but, at the same time, love the suggestions of our Delta, reeds solitary, the fabulous sunsets and floodplains from ancient breath.
The woods transported by the river have strange shapes that capture your imagination, so the pebbles and shells, small creatures of the river and the surrounding nature.
Everyone has a voice, its own life, and you know to grasp even the most subtle vibrations because of your acute sensitivity.
Do not resent any of influence: the search is personal freedom warping color of warm tones.
Your story artistic slips slender and glossy, whether it be of your creations in clay or of your poems.
The choice of colors is all one in the initiation of synthesis between the conscious and unconscious. In your story, so human and vibrant, full of emotions, we find different notes but an identical harmony.
Your bright gestures can melt and vitalize the content and form finding to the extent and in touch equivalence artistic identity.
There is also an ecological and environmental recovery in your fine vases, in the dishes, lamps, in the columns.
Reserved, shy, live in the light of your inner most secret; pulsing inside you feel the wonder of the day, the flow of memories, intense and spicy Tripoli.
Drink freedom along paths where your side walking the wind blends skies and herbs. Looking for routes of poetry, away from the clamor and the hypocrisy of the people. Listen to the evening that gives you perfumes and dreams, longings and silences.
All your work is shrouded by an intense work evocative.
Your artistic production becomes part of the revelation of your inner life and intimate, without taking away the veil of privacy of his own things, you do revelation and gift.
I seem to see you while you're busy working the paper, and deliver your secrets, your silences, closing his hands and shaping soft shapes singing life.

Rovigo 10/06/2013
Angioletta Masiero
Art critic, poet and journalist




Studio per un fiore di magnolia1

"The work is original mainly because with only two colors, white and black,

geometry is appropriate to ensure that the work is made spontaneous and important "

Cav. Roberto Guccione

President of the International Biennial Art Cities in Umbria



Critical review of the work
"Dancing in the Wind"

the Commission's choice of
First International Biennale Umbria "Art and Territory"
and classificatasi fourth ex aequo in the final award.


Danza nel vento

Silvana Mellacina, amazes. I say this with all sincerity, his work is imposed in space, subjects anthropomorphic suggest a fluctuating metamorphosis process in a space no space, space in movement whose drafting technique makes vibrant, in contrast to the static nature of the subject figures, the white color which breaks the rhythm of the fund, puncturing and breaking through a static conceptual continuous rhythm and cosmic void from which seem to be generated. Great technique and skills.

Palomina Stefania Maggiulli Alfieri

Painter, writer and poet Art Critic




Compliments! It fascinates me really!
sunny colors and then what about ... the nature and 'life .... it has been good to bring it back into the canvas in a harmonious and delicate.

Cav. Roberto Guccione

Painter and art critic



Vaso Parole


I entered the site so well built and I let myself be carried away by the beauty it tells.
I knew and appreciated your paintings, of course, but the path between them was fascinating
precious objects that you create and also between words, the lightness and depth of stories.
If the life in which I knew you was normal, and so we define it for humble choice, this next is a flight of the soul.
Congratulations indeed, dear Silvana

From the friend Daniela G.


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