Cerreto Art Festival-Edition 2017

Cerreto Art Festival- Edizione 2017

12 Agosto-29 Ottobre 2017

Locandin Cerreto Art Festival

The Cerreto Art Festival will be inaugurated on Saturday 12 August at 17.30 at the Cerreto Laziale Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The event transforms the small center into the fulcrum of Contemporary Art in the area. Museum halls will host works by famous and influential authors of the national landscape. The goal is to spread the universal language of art and creativity, involving all bands of audience.
The "Cerreto Art Festival 2017" exhibition, which will remain on display until 29 October 2017, represents an important step in the completion and full functionalization of the Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, a cultural institution that is now part of the The Regional Museum of the Prenestini Mountains and the Valle del Giovenzano ("Pre.Gio.") And the Regional Museum Organization (OMR) of Lazio, which aims to bring modern and contemporary art outside of the large urban centers
And make it available even in small municipalities.


I participated with the work "Light and dark"

Luce e buio cell

Work later donated to MAMeC

Donazione Mamec rid




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