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Collective "Sparks of Art" in Spoleto

Two my creations with the Collective "Sparks of Art" in Spoleto from 26 June to 15 July 2015

My works will then continue for the "Tour of Russia"


Locandina Scintille



An excerpt from the article Blog: Italian who live

The group exhibition entitled "Art Sparks" has been a great success with audiences and critics. In conjunction with the start of the 58th edition of the Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds, the inauguration was attended by over one hundred presone, including important artists, art critics, collectors and fans of contemporary art, invited to the 'event. Set in a wonderful historical downtown of the city of Spoleto, it offers the general public a parterre of names of national caliber.
There are many artists who, with their works, have joined in enthusiastically: Anne Morra, Marcello Proietti, Alina Okuneva, Alessia Sarti, Annarita Campagnacci, Anna Rita Micanti, Annarita Pantaleone, Campese Ester, Carla Castrini, Carlo Gentile, Carmen Ovens Donatella Tomassoni, Elizabeth Grappasonni, Emanuela Corbellini, Emiliya Kosmina, Gino Pigolotti, Giorgio Sensi, Linda Lucidi, Luigi Rossi, Michela Mangani, Monia Pentolini, Osvaldo di Gennaro, Pietro Cresti, Rosanna Mandoloni, Silvana Mellacina, Valeria Okunev.
Many painters have contacted the organizers in order to be able to exhibit their works in this happy setting. In preview, we can reveal, that, given the large number of painters interested, are already selecting the new protagonists of the national and international level.

Attestato Scintille232



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