Donation to CRO in Aviano (PN)

A day that I will hardly forget.

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Wednesday 25/05/2022

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Today I went to the Oncological Reference Center of Aviano (PN) for the donation of 15 of my works in support of research. I was welcomed with my immense joy by Prof. Vincenzo Canzonieri, Head of Pathological Anatomy with an oncological address, Prof. Silvia Franceschi, Scientific Director, Dr. Roberta Maestro, Director of the Department of Research and Advanced Cancer Diagnostics, as well as to other distinguished doctors and staff of the center. In addition to making me feel at home, they gratified me with the awarding of a certificate that for me is worth beyond words. A gesture that I will always carry in my heart and that will surely see me still participate in the future for this structure of excellence. My donation coincided with the publication of the results obtained by Prof. Silvia Franceschi, in the field of research, which have projected the structure itself at an international level. (Read the full article)

A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nicolas for having done his utmost for me and one to his friend Roberto Guccione for having acted as an intermediary for the donation


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The works donated

My works exhibited at the Therapy Area of the Day Hospital on the ground floor

Unforgettable moments


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Donation of one of my works to the CRO of Aviano


Logo 5xmilleOn the occasion of the "International Art Collective" Art in the journey of St. Christopher" held in Castello di Aviano (PN) at the wonderful and unique location of Villa Policreti, works by artists present were donated to the CRO of Aviano , for subsequent auctioning.I donated my work "Overlaps" in the hope that it will contribute to the proceeds of funds to be allocated to a just cause.



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International collective "Art in the journey of San Cristoforo" Aviano Castle

After alternating vicissitudes due to the Covid emergency, the
International collective "Art on the path of San Cristoforo" Castello di Aviano

From 2 to 18 June 2021

c / o Villa Policreti in Castello di Aviano (Pn)


Invito Villa Policreti


These are my works on display





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Some pictures of the event

Moments of the inauguration and conferment of certificates (Photo by Roberta Giummarra Photography)

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Official video of the event




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