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First International Trophy "Art Empire" by Paolo Levi

First International Trophy "Art Empire" by Paolo Levi

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Next participation in the First Trophy "Art Empire" with video projections of some of my works on the following dates and locations:

Paris-Louvre Art Shopping 21 to 23 October 2016
Vienna-November 19, 2016
Rome, December 1, 2016 With the award of this Palace Gala Lounge



Arte Impero Targa276


Arte Impero Attestato275

Review by Paolo Levi

The artistic career of Silvana Mellacina is expressed through experimentation and the subsequent handling of certain materials. The artist goes with considerable skill from abstract to figurative. Creating works that draw inspiration from the real, but that are made on the support through the veils of memory, emotions, soul paths. By his creations emerge details and the subjects on which it focuses its research that draws on the memories or feelings that reside in its interiority. The painter fills the canvas with colorful colors, inserting precious shades to illuminate the composition or in order to highlight the subject. The artist explores the nuances of the pigments, to give rhythm to the composition. The bold and swift, and the presence of signs that emerge from the background reveal his technical competence. The art of Silvana Mellacina draws on suggestions mediated by both the immanent dimension is the sphere of the transcendent, giving shape to a world suspended between vision and emotion, a parallel dimension where the only absolute time is that of the soul.

July 2016
Paolo Levi



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