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Gift of my creation to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation

Kate Silvana

Today I experienced a great and indescribable emotion! I met the nice and sweet Kate of the "Fondazione Marco Simoncelli Onlus" and found a dear friend, Mirco. All this on the occasion of the donation of one of my works to the Foundation as a sign of esteem and memory of the great "Sic" Marco Simoncelli. Entering those premises has excited me a lot and has made me sink into a universe of memories. Seeing all those manifestations of affection present in the premises of the Foundation, made me realize how much the Sic was loved. Fortunately Kate thought to put me at ease and after a brief moment of confusion, I recovered and spent an hour in excellent and pleasant company. An emotion that I hope will be repeated. In Kate, Mirco and Marco's parents, my heartfelt expressions of esteem.


From the foundation's website the beautiful review by Giorgio Falossi and thanks to Kate

"The critic Giorgio Falossi describes his painting as follows: Silvana applies colors and motifs, reflections and history not only on canvas but also on objects for refined environments, and his use of different techniques and materials is synonymous with collage. is in the choice of materials using them in relation to the colors, the writing to interpret suggestions, myths, thoughts and even words Photographs and messages that Silvana Mellacina retouchs, paints, shapes, relives with great expressive power as a psychologist as well as an artist, to that underlining the lips and the mouths in the explosion of shouting or singing, so that the figure is extreme in its notoriety. "

Thanks Silvana for the immense gift that further embellishes our foundation.




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