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International Art Review visually Wings Butterfly-Barcelona

Barcellona - Ali di Farfalla: La Donna.


This exhibition in Barcelona is concrete evidence of great talent and artistic depth that Italy is able to show the world. And 'tangible evidence, visual, and totally unique, our great cultural heritage. As Italian and as a curator, I am extremely proud of what has been defined by the Spanish public as a "Delicia". From the first moments of the display, we realized the depth and grandeur of the works that flowed from the packaging. We received compliments rivers and it was a thrill beyond description! We had many visitors Catalani, Dutch and English and all have marveled completeness and intensity of artistic research, as well as the ability to center the theme with the most dissimilar and varied styles and techniques of painting and photography.
It 'was really a unique and unforgettable. Returning home after the festivities due, we focused one that is our "Mission". We had several discussions with gallery owners and artists, who despite having an artistic quality not excellent, much better than we know how to move in the international scene. I wonder what they would do if they had a team of Masters of Art Italian ...
We visited galleries where there are artists from 50 countries. No Italian. And 'from here, which continue the walk. Towards the internationalization of artistic promotion of our country. Know that we are the pioneers in this field. Very few organized abroad and among these, very few have in their staff personnel who live on site. In this we are unique and we are all proud. We must raise the level of promotion and marketing: there is no other way. We must all work with tenacity and awareness, because we have the desire to return in a month, showing and promoting that, for too long, has been trapped in a promotional system, the Italian one, full of oddities and quirks that could hardly abroad understand. We have ongoing relationships and constant in Spain, and we will have them soon in other countries. Soon we will select a stable of artists presenting unquestionable quality. Our goal is to create a system of effective international promotion that gives concrete results and tangible answers to those far are disappointed and have moved away from the popular Italian provincialism. You are exceptional artists .. # 1 in absolute and ... .. basically ..
we always knew ..

Floriano Massera

"Mani per creare"

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