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International Biennial of Art in Umbria-Art and Territory

 The International Biennial of Art in Umbria from 28/03/2015 to 05/03/2015.

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manifesto ufficiale biennale umbria 

Saturday, March 28, I had the pleasure to attend the inauguration of the First International Biennial "Art and Territory" in Umbria, following the full program spread throughout the day, by the excellent organization of Messrs Guccione and Ventanni. Say it was exciting is definitely an understatement. I had the pleasure of meeting lovely people and colleagues from various European countries and not ... There were exhibited 160 works by artists from 20 countries.


This is the work carried out by the Commission for my participation with its review

Danza nel vento3


Silvana Mellacina, amazes. I say this with all sincerity, his work is imposed in space, subjects anthropomorphic suggest a process of metamorphosis floating in a space no space, space in motion whose technique of writing makes vibrant, in contrast to the static nature of the figures subject, white color which breaks the rhythm of the fund, puncturing and breaking through a static conceptual rhythm continuously and the cosmic void from which seem to arise. Great technique and skill.

Palomina Stefania Maggiulli Alfieri

Painter, writer and poet Art Critic


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The mini video of the show on Youtube
... And another with all the photos


Carefully observe and judge the 160 works of the Biennale Umbria was for me as immerse myself in multi artistic expression to re-emerge full of wonder and vibrant energy. No doubt, in the blink of an eye they are gone, from casual to figurative, from abstract to geometric, from white to multicolor and black, from canvas to sculpture to photography sensing thousand voices of artists who tell their story, intense, palpable, vibrant humanity.
The works, in their considerable variety of expression, in fact, acquired rhythm in defining exhibition complex fits together fascinating, bustling button creative energy and design. For each of the authors, real protagonists of this extraordinary Kermesse International; to Palomina Stefania Maggiulli Alfieri, soul and guide ideologue of the event, he wanted it in the scientific committee of the jury along with Regina and remains Nadia Celi, three women of great charisma and intellectual honesty. The jury president Andrea Baffoni, Professor Luciano Cancelloni Emanuele Ventanni and Roberto Guccione Artist Two;
municipalities of Umbria Umbertide, Montone and Pietralunga that hosted, welcomed and supported this extraordinary exhibition ....
Well, to each of them, with great and professional commitment are worked to enhance the excellence in the Italian and international artistic and creative human diversity, I extend my thanks Infinito.

Rosanna Mele


These articles instead of the local newspapers:

  The Courier Umbria in the opening day

  il corriere dell umbria

and the official website of the City of Umbertide

logo Comune di Umbertide


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More photos of the event's official photographer Francesco Berriola

... and the official list of winners:

List rewarded Biennart

It ended with the award ceremony at the Centre sociocultural San Francesco, "Biennart", the first biennial of contemporary art involving the towns of Umbertide, Pietralunga, Montone and the Sicilian city of Modica. In a packed auditorium we were handed the prizes to the winners of the first edition of the biennial which was attended by a total of 160 artists, representing 20 countries, who have exhibited their works at the Rocca di Umbertide, Museum Center at San Francesco di Montone and Exhibition Centre St. Augustine of Pietralunga.
Present the creators of the initiative, Emanuele Ventanni and Roberto Guccione, the members of the jury, chaired by Andrea Baffoni, coordinated by Stefania Palomina Maggiulli Alfieri, Luciano Cancelloni, Nadia Celi, Rosanna Mele, Regina remains, guests internationally renowned artist Luca Alinari , the secretary general of the Slovak Artists Maria Horvatova and the mayors of the towns of Umbertide and Montone.
The jury judged hundred and sixty works well, in a climate of understanding exchanged views as an added value to the exhibition, has unanimously decided to award the first prize at the Maestro Maurizio Avi, Roman painter of great depth and emotional impact, wins a personal exhibition in Bratislava (May 2016), followed by runner-up Mark Love, hyperrealist painter from the magic touch, third-placed Daniel Miglietta, whose realistic painting interprets instances of the human soul with great technical skill. Second and third place wins a two-person at the museum of Palazzo Palphi in Bratislava. (May 2016).
They were then awarded special prizes, eleven artists whose artistic ability, puts candidates at the top of the podium of honor, these it wanted to recognize the value of excellence: Adriano Cipolletti, Assunta Cassa, Filippo Volpi, Arnaldo Miccoli, Huifong NG, Francesca Word, Donatella Torcio Beppe Pepe, Ibrahim Mohamad Al Bawardi, Michele De Vita, Maria Teresa Gulino, Giorgio Sensi, Paola Silano, Olga Silivanchyk.
Following artists judged quarters ties, win a group at a home in the municipality of Montone (later date), in Umbria: Valenzi, Silano, Pascoli, Buschettu, D'Andrea, Maga, Parisi, Milone, Mellacina, Fanni, Ferilli, Bari, German, Carasi, Casaccia, Rigucci, Valenzi, Senes, Ciorcalo, Daoud, Cannata, Scucces, Sangregorio, Worked, Grilli, De Giorgi, Pellegrino.
For the youth section won first prize painting section Paola Siano, for the sculpture section Sabrina Dario, both young artists stood out for the technical capacity and the undisputed talent.
They were also awarded prizes of recognition for the currents represented: Alessandra Casetta for Trompe d'oeil, Cinzia Prosperi for the technique in glass fusing, Elena Dalinova for the dreamlike surrealism.
The artist Cinzia Carasi was instead awarded the prize "Marcella Monini", recognition that addresses high school students linguistic and Humanities Institute "Leonardo Da Vinci" who wanted to assign the work that has excited more than the other, in I remember Mom umbertidese who lost their lives at sea to save her children.