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International Italian Art 2015-MIIT Turin

International Italian Art in 2015 in Turin at the Museum MIIT 5 to 12 June 2015

Locandina MIIT Ridotta

A summary of the official magazine of Italian art:

"The exhibition International Italian Art in 2015 was attended, during the opening of about 400 people, while in the following days was continuous and constant participation of the Turin public and foreign visitors to the city for the many contemporary events all 'exhibition, as the Exposition of the Shroud and the World Congress of Chambers of Commerce. The exhibition was attended by artists from Italy, Germany, Moldova, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Canada, China, USA, Japan, Argentina. On display are selected works by internationally renowned contemporary masters and works by great masters of the '900 Italian, including the famous engraver and painter Francesco Franco, Mino Argento, leading artist in the years Fifty-Sixty Gallery Betty Paerson of New York, Piero Ruggeri, leader of the Informal Italian, Antonio Corpora, between the abstract Italian more international and more. The photographs dell'allestimento are available on the museum website MIIT"



Oltre il blu


Review of the work "Oltre il blu"

"The greatness of abstraction is to communicate emotions, suggest reality dream, touch the deepest chords of Man. The art of Silvana Mellacina is, after all, the essence of the world, unknowable mystery that the artist is able to turn into strokes of color and sign. Poetry, music, rhythm, freedom, beauty, spirit and flesh ... the art is all about. "
Guido Folco


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