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Lines of Africa-Entertainment Itinerant Art Poetics

Saturday, November 28, 2015-18.00
Room Veneziana- Castel San Zeno-Montagnana (PD)

Tuesday 8 December 2015- 18.00
Monastery of St. Salvaro-Urbana (PD)

"Because Africa is beautiful? Because it is the place on earth where nature has erected a monument to itself that seems to recognize the method, the order, the design, the intention and the regularities that are typical of art human. "
Alberto Moravia.

"The shows Lines of Africa presented by Franca P. Borin are a diptych cultural combining Art, Music and Theatre.
Not an exhibition, but a sensory experience, an ode to creativity in its three versions more suggestive.
With the will to report some distance from the traditional welcome artistic "roadshow of Poetic Art - Lines of Africa with Silvana Mellacina" puts the originality of the proposal to the tradition widening the dialogue on a musical and poetic. The curatorship of art goes to the stories of the homeland artist (Africa) and those who have lived in these places and conflicts tearing. There is a dimensional hierarchy of the feelings that show tries to convey through the works of art, poetry and music artist theme. If production "Pop Art" the artist tries to recreate the image of what she encounters, the works from the series "Art Material" infuses the sweet memories of the past new substance.
The artist demonstrates to move with a great sense of stylistic freedom and while the color is assigned its imaginative memory, the matter of the paintings and sculptures recalls in a very physical job. A system governs autobiographical works that in their musicality imply the story of his childhood. The Tripoli 50s backdrop to this story contextualized in historical events that affected many of our fellow countrymen of the time.
The extension of the research in the municipalities of the province of Padua has directed the interest in those little gems are considered true local excellence far from the cities already widely known in our area. They were then chosen the medieval castle of San Zeno in Montagnana and the Monastery in San Salvaro-Urbana. The intention is to create cultural itineraries nice that they can instill interest in art-poetry-music to a wider user base and diversified promoting the development of an artist with many interests and suggesting a greater community involvement.
Silvana Mellacina tries to capture the distant rumble that still beats in his memory and that describes a life and makes a high-pitched singer of the Land of Africa. "

Irene Gianello (Curator and art critic)

"To Silvana Mellacina
I got a strong emotion and held in an embrace, his discomfort embarrassment ... is a beautiful force of tenderness. In his eyes a profound transformation in crackling creativity.
On a day all white with snow (room) of his face, the warmth of a shy fireplace with flames and embers from the color of the sun ... generous to those who ask.
In his paintings, an alphabet spontaneous ... In the background, away, warmly animated vibrating voices, noises and sounds ... everything invites you to enter, participate and discover the story of his experience fully. In the poem "I would like ..." are all of us!
The horizon you radiant! Thanks for the trip."
Elisa Smanio
Montagnana 28/11/2015

Some moments of the opening in Montagnana

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  • Sala

And those of the opening of San Salvaro

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