A dream


A dream was just a dream
that the morning light has already taken away
dissolved like dew in the sun.
But it was you and the stillness fell inside me
you knew how to understand me ... love me ... you fought with me
you took my mind, my thoughts,
my heart, my senses and then ... a dream ...
it was just a dream ...

(Poetic Trebbo 2000)






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Sonnets - Why- It's you


I would like to ask someone: ... "why do you never forget completely? ..."
Why do the events of life affect you, condition you forever?
Because time goes by and you are unable to stop the best moments ....!

It is you
It's you ... you're far away ... you're with me ... A song .... A memory ... a smile and .... It's you!




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Transparent, light drops
wet the fragrant clods.
Suddenly the sky opens
in a blinding light
and a dull rumbling
makes the air tremble.
Black clouds chase each other,
they play and seem to caress
the red roofs, while pouring rain,
they collect in rivulets
that the arid earth drinks.
The trees bent in the wind
they bow in silent prayer.
Everything stops and waits.
Then, suddenly a ray of blue
and a shy sun to illuminate the clean fields.
The swallows fly high again
singing their hatred to heaven
clear of clouds.
Voices of cheering children
get lost in the courtyards,
here is a greeting, a smile
and ... everything starts again.

(Trebbo Poetico 2003)



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When rows of yellowed poplars
they hide in the humid mist;
when the birdsong is silent
and the chirping of cicadas is silent
then it's autumn.
Come slowly, shy,
it alights on the sleeping fields
almost to cover them with gray wings;
an icy wind runs over the meadows and houses
and a thin rain seems to sweep away
the memories of a joy just gone.
When the swarm of people arrives quietly
and thoughts pass slowly in the mind
then it's autumn. The autumn of life.

(Trebbo Poetico 2005)




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buon mattino gif 7

In the rising of damp mists
a suffused light illuminates the blue.
Little joyful songs intertwine
in the morning sleep where
white corollas abandon themselves
to the fragrant breeze.
Light and timid steps trace
footsteps that the warm wind soon takes away.
Sleepy windows slowly opened
and down the square is already a swarm of sounds.
And in a moment everything slowly awakens
and everything in life prepares for the new day.

(Poetic Trebbo 2007)



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