Homage to my land

Sabratha ridottissima









My land is far away in the mind
among arid hills burned by the sun
where the fragrant wind of sand and essences
brings the song of ageless people.
Where the day gives way to shouting
of crickets in the warm and clear nights of stars.
Where the fires lit in the dark
they speak of boundless wisdoms,
of ancestral fears,
of light and mysterious women,
of barely whispered prayers.
My land is there,
where light clouds merge on the horizon,
where the dew colors the flowers
and accompanies them on the first journey of life,
where the rustle of palm trees rise to the sky,
where tender childish games are lost in time
and they come back in the morning of memories
to warm the soul.

(Trebbo Poetico 2001)




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I stop...

mi fermo

(To my grandmother)

I always stop to think
and the mind wanders far in time.
A house, its stones, its history,
the smell of bread
and the joy of stopping the games
to wait for that bread
still warm and fragrant from the oven
that you, sweetest creature, handed me
with infinite love teaching me thus
to love.
The cool twilight of summer days
He embraced the rest of my tired thoughts
After the happy runs in a warm and sunny courtyard
And the memory of your voice that tells
Imaginary stories
To make me run into a world of dreams
Still accompanies me.
You know it often surprises me
To talk about everything I've experienced
Beside you and that has passed forever
... but that will remain inside me forever.

(Recited at Trebbo Poetico 2004)


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