My work to MIIT Turin


The MIIT "International Museum of Italian Art" of Turin agreed to my great joy, my painting as a donation.
"Opera 75"

Opera75 Sergio

The motivation

"His works are highly appreciated by the Scientific Committee of the Museum MIIT, the intense communicative language, the alphabet chromatic rhythmic and dynamic, including complex compositional and aesthetic use of form and color in space. In" Opera 75 "emerge a wise use of pigment and light, a refined technique of overlapping tonal, that accompany interpretation, very personal, a universal language Pop and extremely communicative. As in all the work of Silvana Mellacina you may experience the 'instinctive brushstroke carried signs with immediately and forcefully, in a constant game of transparencies and vibrations that lead and guide the viewer's eye to capture the details in the precious and symbolic reading of the work. "


Guido Folco

Donazione opera miit




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