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Solo exhibition at the Art Café "La via Granda"-Senigallia

After the success of last year, I come with my personal

Art Cafè "La via Granda"

Senigallia (AN)

Locandina Art Cafe2016 Rid

My works are visible every day except Sundays and public holidays and the restaurant is located in Via Pisacane 43/45


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A comment taken from Facebook

"Facebook fun ... Facebook opportunity to learn about other people .... Through Facebook I met the great artist Silvana Mellacina, she Ferrara I Senigallia. It 'started a friendship and she now for the second time exhibited his works in my bar "THE WAY GRANDA ART CAFE".
I and Attilio with great honor and respect we display his works because besides being a talented artist is a great person and I'm glad to have met you ... it's nice to know that even behind a Facebook profile can come real, lasting friendships. "
Susanna Gaiardoni




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