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Spoleto Art curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

Spoleto Art curated by Vittorio Sgarbi

in conjunction with the Festival of the two worlds

from 27 June to 27 August 2015 at the Palazzo Leti Sansi

(Extended by one month!)

spoleto arte 2015 prolungamento 

Spoleto Collage



This is my private page on the website of Spoleto Art


To see some photos of the inauguration go to this page

It also confirms the great success of the 2015 edition "Spoleto Art" by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. Inaugurated Saturday, June 27 with an event of strong media attention in a crowded Palazzo Leti Sansi, in the heart of Spoleto. The prestigious exhibition organized and directed by the manager Salvo Nugnes, he saw the participation of the extraordinary artist Amanda Lear, who now has exposed a number of his paintings from different periods of his life as a painter. Next to them, the impressive works of a wide audience of contemporary artists, Italian and international. Several distinguished guests who attended the vernissage, as the Mayor Fabrizio Cardarelli, Deputy Mayor Maria Elena Bececco and the Councillor for Culture Gianni Quaranta, known director and screenwriter, who boasts among its awards an Oscar and a César Award .
Professor Sgarbi says: "Spoleto Art wants to be an observatory of contemporary art, which are part of a select group of artists, with distinctive features and styles, gathered together on display in a harmonious set-up of different kinds of expression. I agreed to lead the Spoleto Arts exhibition, complementary to the Festival Dei Due Mondi, with the aim of promoting and recognizing artists young and old, giving voice to their free creativity, sometimes stifled. "
During the vernissage, was presented by Sgarbi catalog of "Spoleto Art" created by Leima Editions, which contains all the works on display and texts by the curator, the organization's director, Gian Luca Galletti's Environment Minister, the President of the Region Catiuscia Marini and the Mayor Fabrizio Cardarelli, as well as a section dedicated to the second edition of "Premio Margherita Hack" held in the context of Palazzo Leti Sansi, Sunday, June 28 (For info: http://www.margheritahack.it/).
The organizer Unless Nugnes explains: "Particularly dear to me has become the city of Spoleto which over the years has established and consolidated, creating a strong link with the great exhibitions of Spoleto Arts synergy of success. It gives me personal satisfaction and professional to organize, in the town of Two Worlds, ambitious projects for the promotion of contemporary art. "
The exhibition, sponsored by Expo 2015, the Region of Umbria, the Province of Perugia, by the city of Spoleto and the Italian Vittoriale, is open with free admission until 27 July 2015. For further information, to discover all the artists on display and to see the photos of the opening event, visit http://www.spoletoarte.it/





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