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Volume "Paints & Scultors" - Editions "Il Quadrato"

Proposed to Swenska Akademien

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

for the award of the Nobel Prize to Artists


Copertina Volume Pittoriscultori Quadrato


Critical Review by Dr. Giorgio Falossi - "Il Quadrato"


An extravaganza, a fantasy for this eclectic artist who applies colors and motifs, reflections and history not only on canvas but also on objects for refined environments. This means using different techniques and materials and you mean, as in the case of published works: Collage. The pleasure and the skill lies in the choice of materials by using them in terms of colors, written in interpreting suggestions, myths, thoughts and words. Photographs and messages that Silvana Mellacina rethinks, paints, shapes, revives with great expressive power from a psychologist as well as an artist, for her to emphasize her lips and mouths in the explosion of screaming or singing, so that the figure is extremist in his reputation. The artist combines the idea with fantasy, taste material, in an incessant osmosis process. And that could be so for Silvana Mellacina, interested in advancing the times where technological achievements are nourished necessarily and thankfully for Renaissance humanism and symbolic surrealism, a concept that brings the door from collage to abstract and to various expressions for sculpture and ceramics. An abstract painting on the pop art scene that feeds on black with red reflections of icy whites, adorned with discovery material and incisive writing. A painting conquered with research and with a mood of continuous impetus and vitality.

Dr. Giorgio Falossi

I was honored to be included in the prestigious volume with two works of mine







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