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Workshop "Success Stories" at the Museo Ferrari Maranello

Success Stories in Museo Ferrari in Maranello (Italy)

Locandina Workshop MUSEO FERRARI


Invited by the organization impeccable "Spoleto Art", to participate in the Work Shop "Success Stories" at the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, I had a wonderful and interesting experience, full of ideas and sometimes funny. We witnessed an amusing but mostly instructive debate between several celebrities, art and sport, all coordinated by the Director of TgCom 24 Alessandro Banfi. Over all the location it has proved particularly suitable. Enter "Casa Ferrari" arouses an incredible feeling and makes us feel proud of what it represents.

The debate took place in two phases, the first of which between Catia Ricciarelli, Luca Badoer and Silvana Giacobini. The second between Vittorio Sgarbi, the son of Salvador Dali Jose and Salvo Nugnes.

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